Prospective Clients

Steps in Enrolling

Step 1 - Share information

Contact us!  Our Intake and Preauthorization Specialist, Brittany, will ask you questions about your child and try to get a feel for what your child excels at and struggles with.  

Also, be prepared to give Brittany your child's insurance information.  Please have your insurance card handy!  

Once we have an open spot for your child, we can set up an intake assessment.

Step 2 - Schedule intake and gather documents

For the intake assessment, you will need to gather: 

    •    your child's diagnostic report - the report written diagnosing your child with autism 

    •    a prescription for ABA therapy written by your child's primary care physician 

    •    make sure to have a copy of your insurance card

You will need to fill out a questionnaire about your child that we will need back prior to the intake assessment. We will also send you an Intake Packet that will include paperwork that we need you to complete and bring in with you on your intake. 

Step 3 - Intake assessment

Intake assessments are usually 2 hours long and begin at 9:30am.  When you arrive for your intake, you will be asked for:

  • the Intake Packet that you will have received in the mail

  • diagnostic report

  • prescription for therapy

  • a caretaker's driver's license

  • and your insurance card

During your intake assessment, the BCBA will determine your child's level of skills, skills deficits, and problem behaviors.  

By the end of the 2 hour intake assessment, the behavior analyst will have an idea of the skills to be built up, the problem behaviors that will need to be put on extinction, and what reinforcers, or motivators, your child will work for.  


Our program is an intensive, full-time program (30-40 hours per week).  Based on the intake assessment, the BCBA will make a recommendation for hours of therapy per week to be effective.

We take care of the entire preauthorization process.  The BCBA writes a treatment plan, and our Preauthorization Specialist sends all required documents with our request to your insurance company.  We do ask that you provide some documents, including the diagnostic report and be sure to get a prescription for ABA therapy from your primary care provider.   

Clients usually start regular therapy 2-4 weeks after their intake assessment.  Start dates are dependent on the family's needs and how quickly the insurance company authorizes services.  

Step 4 - Agree on weekly schedule and request authorization