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  Using ABA therapy and Precision Teaching to deliver behavior based intervention for indivisuals with developmental disabilities. 

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About Us

The Program Director at Behavior & Learning Solutions (BLS) is Jill (McNeil) Revere.  Jill is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) who has extensive experience with learners with autism and other developmental disabilities.  Jill has worked in the field for more than a decade and a half and has learned from many behavior analysts and other professionals.  Jill's knowledge and experience is reflected in the quality of the therapy her staff provides and the uniqueness of the BLS program. 

Behavior & Learning Solutions provides instructional alternatives and behavioral-based programs for individuals with developmental disabilities using the scientifically-based methodologies of Applied Behavior Analysis and Precision Teaching.

In addition, BLS uses a variety of games, natural-environment teaching, group activities, discrete-trial teaching, fine and gross-motor programming incorporating the Big 6 + 6 **, group instruction activities based on Direct Instruction, and a variety of curricula to teach whatever component and composite skills are important and necessary for each individual learner.  

BLS is dedicated to providing help for families and professionals who live or work with individuals with developmental disabilities, including autism.

** "The Big 6+6 are basic fine motor movements that all individuals  must have at regular performance rates if they are to be proficient at manipulating any objects for stimulation, at self-help skills, at mobility, non-verbal communication, etc."

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