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Meet the Program Director

Jill Revere is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) who has extensive experience with learners with autism and other developmental disabilities. She has worked in the field for over 15 years and has had the opportunity to work and learn from many talented and respected behavior analysts and professionals. Her knowledge and experience is reflected in the diversity and uniqueness of the BLS curriculum and in the quality of therapy that her staff provides.

As Program Director of Behavior & Learning Solutions, Jill continuously strives to provide the highest quality ABA program possible based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, and the methodologies of Precision Teaching and Direct Instruction. 

She believes there is always more to learn, and for that reason, expects the programming at BLS will be forever moving forward as the research continues to expand on effective intervention for learners with autism and other developmental disabilities.

History of Jill's work and BLS

Jill’s early years as an ABA therapist were shaped by training from consultants out of the Wisconsin Early Autism Project (WEAP). The WEAP was replicating the study from the UCLA Young Autism Project (Dr. O. Ivar Lovaas). After about two years of learning from the WEAP’s consultants, Jill was fortunate enough to begin learning from Carl Sundberg, Ph.D., BCBA-D who provided regular consultation and training to several clients with whom she worked. At this point, Jill was coordinating several home programs, and was finishing her Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Physics at Indiana University. Jill became an effective trainer and therapist in Verbal Behavior (and more) as she learned from a wide variety of behavior analysts through conferences she helped organize through the non-profit organization she and others established. In addition to learning from a variety of behavior analysts in her area, Jill was able to travel with a client to Dr. Vincent Carbone’s (Ed.D., BCBA-D) clinic, the Carbone Clinic in New York, to learn from consultants there. 

Sometime later, Jill met Steve Ward, M.A., BCBA and Teresa Grimes, M.S. BCBA, Amanda Parker, M.Ed., BCBA, and Selma Martinez, M. Ed., BCBA. Jill began working for Amanda and Selma, M.Ed., BCBA at their private school for children with autism in Illinois. In addition, she continued working in home programs with children with autism. In both settings, Jill learned from Steve and Teresa who were both a wealth of information on how to pull from various curricula to set up a client-specific ABA program that was both personalized to the child’s needs and incredibly effective. Jill learned a great deal from Selma and Amanda as well, including how to set up a group ABA program that was effective, organized, and fun for the clients. 

Seeing a need for a social and play group for children with autism who lacked language and other social skills, Jill established her “Fun for All” playgroup and began holding playgroups for children at all levels of functioning. She ran this playgroup for a few years as she continued coordinating home programs for several clients and completed a certification program through the University of North Texas in Behavior Analysis.

Upon becoming a BCaBA, Jill immediately opened her own clinic in Indiana to help meet the need for quality ABA programs in a clinical setting. With supervision from Amanda Parker, M.Ed., BCBA, Jill operated Behavior & Learning Solutions for several years and the program expanded as the demand for ABA in a clinic setting grew.  After establishing BLS and building her client base, Jill completed her Master's degree in Behavior Analysis at Ball State University and became board certified as a BCBA.  

Jill began learning about Precision Teaching and attended the Summer School Institute at Morningside Academy in Seattle, where she met Dr. Kent Johnson. Soon after, Kris Melroe and Bill Helsel, Ed.D., BCBA-D visited Behavior & Learning Solutions to provide training directly to Jill and the therapists at BLS. Jill and her staff became better Precision Teachers, and Jill added a fine- and gross-motor program centered around the ‘Big 6 Plus 6’ fine motor component skills and more. Jill brought in Jonathan Amey, M.Ed., who previously developed the gross-motor coordination wellness group at the PLEA school in Pittsburgh, PA, and he continued training Jill and her Lead Therapists how to use the Standard Celeration Chart to track learners’ progress and how to design more effective and precise interventions.

In addition, Jill added a group instruction program to BLS based on the teaching methodology of Direct Instruction. This addition allows learners at any level the opportunity to learn to respond as a group to an instructor. As she strove to learn more about Direct Instruction, Jill reached out to Morten Haughland, Ph.D., BCBA-D, with Haughland Learning Center, visiting his school and receiving training on their model of instruction.

Behavior & Learning Solution’s repertoire of programming and curricula continue to grow. 


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Behavior analysts

Carissa, Leah, Rachel, & Sam

BLS’s Behavior Analysts have all come up as one-to-one therapists at BLS. They have either already passed their certification exams, or will soon. Working alongside the owner, they use all of their knowledge of behavior analysis and precision teaching to oversee and create individualized behavior plans and programs for each of their clients. They work closely with Classroom Leads and all members on their clients’ teams.


Classroom Leads

Emily, Katie, Kayla, & Laura

Classroom Leads all began their careers at BLS working one-to-one with clients and have developed into some of our strongest staff. Each Classroom Lead supervises a classroom and clients in that classroom. Leads work very closely with the behavior analysts, clients, and staff to ensure that targets get hit frequently, and that training is on-point. A part of being a Classroom Lead is monitoring each client’s sessions, providing focus to sessions, and training one-to-one therapists.

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one-to-one therapists

BLS therapists are either Registered Behavior Technicians or working towards this certification. Therapists have been intensively trained to deliver the highest quality of therapy. Each of our one-to-one therapists has had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients, and are experienced and enthusiastic about their work.



  • Float Therapists

  • Team Coordinators

  • Group Instructors

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Office StafF

We have a small, dedicated office staff that is experienced, diligent, and friendly.  We are familiar with the preauthorization process involved with securing coverage for ABA services, as well as the struggles and challenges of fighting for coverage and appealing unfavorable coverage decisions.  Our goal is to be sure that things are done correctly and timely and to advocate for clients and their families.